This is the post excerpt.




The light

When Courage was pinned on male version of being

Very Little we knew what we were dealing

Women, as all we know, a weak dependent soul

still in dark fuelling for all

Its absence of courage that blinds the men

To see, to accept , Courage is women

Women , out there, you don’t  need to be in dark,

Life as men, is not a walk in park.

The moment you change from a girl to be a women,

Then starts the fight to cut loose from the chains of daemon.

The moment you phase from a women to be a mother,

You prepare yourself to carry this world to bother.

Yours a life, expected to fill the expectation,

Less men know, you too have imagination.

How did we miss the fact that this world itself need light

And you, women are a burning soul driving away the night.

Will Indeed

Clearing the space which once filled my wishes
taking off the dirt from the memories of kisses
I , now, look out into the path which i chose
the way,in which no one will dare to be in my shoes
Its going to be rough, its going to be hard
Good places in life will never invite you with a card
So now i dare to look into what i need
No smiling faces, no warm hands indeed
I can face this big blank space alone
I am not supernatural, but with the will i own
Maybe all who fight for there needs are strong
cutting all the wines saying they are wrong
what are the voices which tell us to stop
voices which say we can never be on top
To all those who own those voices , I would say
Shut up you are gonna see me win one day
Again, all those who fight for there needs
we are not super natural, but we own the will indeed.